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Dance like an Egyptian offers group belly dance classes for all levels, private lessons as well as hen's parties and children's birthday parties.
The focus of my regular classes, private lessons, and themed parties, is on participation and having fun! Learn to belly dance, have some exercise, make friends and enjoy yourself. It’s not just about shaking your girlie bits. It’s not just belly dancing. 

Based on Keti Sharif’s A – Z routines which consists of a large vocabulary of core techniques delivered in easy to remember routines to enhance artistry and rhythmic skills. Keti's Original and Advanced A-Z techniques are based on geometric principles of Egyptian dance with definition and clarity of movement. I find being a belly dance teacher extremely rewarding. I like to watch my students learn and grow in the art of belly dance. It's nice to see the satisfaction on their faces when they have learned and mastered a new skill.

I am a certified Egyptian/Belly dance teacher under Keti’s method. Keti has been a successful performer in Egypt for many years. Please visit Keti’s official dance site at www.ketisharif.com for more information on Keti, and my biography. For Sonia’s biography, go to Keti’s official dance site, then select Australia and scroll down the list for me!

I also find teaching children’s themed parties rewarding and fun. Little girls love to dress up, and there is an old Egyptian saying “all girls are born dancers.”  It's nice to watch children dance with unconscious self abandon and totally enjoying themselves in the process. For teenagers and adult’s it’s just a matter of finding your inner Goddess and releasing her.

My parties are suitable for all ages, children from five, to teenagers and adults of any age. Parties can be for birthday parties, hen’s parties or just an excuse to get together and have some much needed fun! 

Please call me today to book your next party.

                                                                     Happy Dancing!

                                                                                       Sonia x